Attention Management

December 16, 2017 personal Personal


I failed! I tried many times to manage my time to learn coding and I failed! I made weekly and monthly plans and I failed! Yes my productivity time has increased as shown in the screenshots below (RescueTime) but my learning pace is still too slow.

August 2017

October 2017

Until I realized that « What matters is not how much time we devote to our actions but the attention we carry when doing them» Antony Priou.


While I was learning: how many times I checked my mail? how much time did I spent on Facebook or twitter? What is Parcel , learn graphql , build your website with Gatsby,get started with webpack … that’s what YouTube was suggesting and that’s what I was watching all the day , but in my to do list I was supposed to read a book about the basics of JavaScript !


Also during these past months, I was diversifying my attention to multiple interests and fields: mongodb, meteor, react, node, JavaScript… Can I create a single app from scratch using one of these technologies ? the answer is NO!


To my opinion the key to success is simply Monotasking :

– Eliminating distractions.
– Focusing on one technology/language until getting a solid grasp of it.
– Increase my capacity for deep work.


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