Beginner Tips for Learning Programming

July 06, 2019 programming Programming

1. Diverse your learning resources

Books, tutorials, courses, projects, podcasts…

2. Don’t follow the resources that people suggest blindly

People have different taste and expertise.

3. Don’t compare yourself to others

You are only seeing the result of their success.

4. Build projects

And they will be more enjoyable if they solve real problems in your life. I built a job tracker when I started to search for jobs

5. Make coding a daily Habit

You can start with the #100dayofcode challenge to keep yourself motivated at first and after a couple of weeks I can guarantee you that you will addict programming

6. Don’t neglect the fundamentals

Take your time and learn language fundamentals before jumping to the frameworks/libraries. Or jump early but don’t forget to solidify them later

7. Make a blog

  • Share your learning journey
  • You encountered a problem? write about how you solved it. It may someday be helpful for other developers
  • Write personal notes

8. Take breaks

Happy learning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯