February 26, 2019 react React


  • Pattern for managing data flow
  • Unidirectional
  • Parts

  • Dispatcher
  • Store
  • Action
  • View
  • Dispatcher

  • Receives actions and dispatch them to the store
  • One dispatcher in each app
  • Every store will receive every action
  • Store

  • The data in the store must only be mutated by responding to an action
  • Every time a store’s data changes it must emit a “change event”
  • Many stores in each application
  • Actions

  • Simple objects that have a “type” filed and some data
  • Capture the ways in which anything might interact with your application
  • Views

  • Data from stores is displayed in views
  • When a view uses data from store it must also subscribe to change events from
    that store
  • Then when the store emits a change the view can get the new data and re-render
  • fluxreact