Fresh setup dual boot Linux mint and windows 10

March 09, 2021 personal Personal

I have a 256 GB SSD and it wasn’t enough to store my files even with a 320 GB external drive. I bought a 512 GB one since 3 months but I was somehow lazy or afraid to switch. I was happy with the config I had : dual boot with windows 7 and linux mint 19.I need to install the OS and configure the as the same way.

Finally I took the courage and it was easier than I thought. I decided to switch from using windows to linux as a developer. So my choice is to install windows 10 alongside with linux mint 20.

Installation was simple : How To Dual Boot Linux Mint And Windows 10

My quick installation config to start to be productive :

Browsers :

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Brave


  • Fish
  • Oh my fish
  • Fisher
  • nvm


  • VScode ( copied the extension folder and the settings file)
  • Gitkraken
  • Insomnia

Certainly there are more things to add like fonts, customize fish, … but this can be done on the fly ^^