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Linux mint node-gyp Can not find Python executable

March 11, 2021 tutorials Tutorials

Solved : Linux mint node-gyp Can’t find Python executable

Fresh setup dual boot Linux mint and windows 10

March 09, 2021 personal Personal

Fresh setup dual boot Linux mint and windows 10

Beginner Tips for Learning Programming

July 06, 2019 programming Programming

Pieces of advice to learn coding

How to easily add dark mode to Gatsbyjs

May 25, 2019 gatsbyjs GatsbyJS

Easily add dark mode to Gatsbyjs

My visual studio code settings with some cool 2019 extensions

April 21, 2019 programming Programming

Here is a list of some cool 2019 Visual Studio Code extensions that I
personally love.

JavaScript memory management

March 03, 2019 javascript JavaScript

Notes on JavaScript memory management basics


February 26, 2019 react React

Notes about Flux architecture

Migrating my website to gatsby v2

February 05, 2019 gatsbyjs GatsbyJS

Hi, I was tweaking my articles pages when I decided its time to migrate to version 2 of the awesome static site generator Gatsby.

JavaScript algorithms with solutions part 1

September 10, 2018 javascript JavaScript

1.Repeat a string Example function repeatString(str,num){ … } console.log(repeatString(‘hi there’,4)); // hi therehi therehi ther

Beast mode Activated

December 26, 2017 personal Personal

1.Walking alone You could think that I am bizarre but I usually don’t like to rely on people even my closest friends in every aspect in my life, I

Attention Management

December 16, 2017 personal Personal

  I failed! I tried many times to manage my time to learn coding and I failed! I made weekly and monthly plans and I failed! Yes my productivi

Useful NPM Packages

November 17, 2017 tutorials Tutorials

shortid clipboard moment meteor-buildpack-horse React: react-modal react-flip-move react-sparklines Redux : redux-promise redux-form

Deploy Meteor Apps to Heroku

November 09, 2017 tutorials Tutorials

Quick reminder on how to deploy Meteor Apps to Heroku Create heroku app heroku create appName Add the buildpack heroku buildpacks:set https://githu

Full Stack Web Development

October 24, 2017 programming Programming

The shortest route Hello! I would love to share a list of free and paid courses/books that helped me learn how to code. I also included some tools